Monday, September 12, 2016

P.E. Reflection

On Friday I played blind throw. Blind Throw is a game in which you sit on a chair backwards and throw beanbags in hoops.You had to backwards because you were not allowed to look at where the hoops were.There were 3 hoops with a different amount of points.Each hoop was a different amount of points the closest one was 3 points then 9 points and the furthest was 13 was boys vs versus the boys.I got the beanbag in the furthest one,2 times.Mostly I didn't apply enough power into my throw.In conclusion,I think I did pretty good,But on unfortunately the girls won.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Q & A

WALT ask open ended Questions and write full Answers

What is rap?
A rap has a rhythmic beat that goes over and over and an instrumental Drop(An Instrumental Drop Is when the music begins of slow then stops for about a second then goes fast). Raps usually are made to send a message. The instruments that are used are Drums, Synthezier, Guitar, bass, Kick, snares, claps, hi-hats and samples. Need loops and loud beats to hear singing and beat
What is the history of Rap?
West Africans and Caribbean islanders started telling stories in a rhythm and to a beat of the drum. Rapping became popular in the 1970’s in U.S. Rap was also a kind of street art among African Americans Teenagers. In the 1970’s a group named the SugarHill Gang  released a new hit, called rappers delight and then by 1980 White Rap bands such as the Beastie Boys and a girl rap band named Salt-n-Pepa  were also becoming very famous.In the 1990’s rapping went from simple lyrics to complex lyrics.
Who created the Olympic values and why ?why?
Pierre de Coubertin was the man that made the Olympic values. He made the Olympic values because he wanted the Olympians to pursue excellence, enjoy the effort, have balanced minds, bodies and character, show fair play and respect others.

Our design project was to make a rap that explained the Olympic values.Here is our Olympic rap based on the Olympic values

The Olympic Rap

Sameer: The Olympic values, they have their pride,
Sameer: they are dancing with joy, oh! Just nevermind.
Jeevanjot: And don't forget the fair play, ya know, it's so awesome, LET'S GO!Jeevanjot: The respect for others is overwhelming,
Sameer: I don't know what to say, maybe just don't give me a pounding?Jeevanjot: The positive is pretty good cause I know I'm rocking up that neighbourhood.
Jeevanjot: Last but not least you gotta take it in and balance it out,
Sameer: your mind and body needs to work if you want to do

How We Made Our Olympic Rap        
What We Needed:
GarageBand (IPad App)
Collaboration Muscle
Google Docs/Paper
Words for rap
Growth mindset
Procedure of how we made our rap
First create the words that you will use in your rap.
Then use GarageBand to make the best music that fits your words.
Also,record your music. And your voice. Then put your voice and the music together.
After go save it and then you should be done!
Present the rap to your friends and family.
Here’s our rap in Audio Only
                  \Reflection/            ----------------------------------------------
Jeevanjot:I had a great time making our rap I was mostly on task I got distracted sometimes Cruze was not really doing any work but sameer was on task,I got back into to doing making our rap in the end we had to make a few changes and then we were done.

Sameer: It was a interesting and fun time to work with Jeevanjot and Cruze they both worked collaboratively with me. The most hardest thing for me was when we had to edit our rap and words so many times but at the end we were able to finish it.

Cruze: When we started to create the rap I knew it would be a hard task, k never thought we would get this far. The hardest thing for me was finding the person who created the Olympic values
And the music for the rap was hard as well as creating the words.


Haiku Poem/Action Poem

                                   Usain Bolt
Winning every game
Running one hundred meters
Winning a gold medal

My Artwork

This My Artwork

The flag in the middle represents my culture,India.
The Koru's Represent Nature