Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Persuasive writing

The Learning Intention: I am learning to write Persuasively
The Success Criteria:How I can achieve this
  1. State your opinion in the Introduction  and who is your audience
  2. Give 3 detailed reasons to support your opinion. One reason per paragraph
  3. Try to give facts or statistics to support your reasons.
  4. Use emotive and persuasive language.
  5. Go the progression on the writing wall to check where you are at with writing persuasively.
  6. Assess what you are doing well. Reflect and action what your next step is.


You must agree with me! that dogs are better than cats.
Here are three reasons why dogs are better than cats.

Firstly,dogs are good for protecting the house. They can bark and scare people with its bark because some people are scared of dogs so robbers won't come to your house and steal your things.

Secondly,dogs are also good friends they are furry and like to be petted.

Thirdly,you can exercise and take your dog for exercise and you can get fit and your dog can get faster and faster. If you run then your dog will as well.

In my opinion I think that DOGS ARE MUCH BETTER THAN CATS. Don’t you think that as well?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hangi Recount

On Friday there was a hangi because of grandparent reading week to invite the grandparents.

On the hangi day everybody got to watch it.At 5:00am on friday Mr Lowe, Mr Miller,Mr Hunia and Mr Wepa had to light the fire and make the stones under it until the rocks got really hot and put the food on top of it  and then at 1:00pm everybody went outside and looked at the food in the hangi and being put onto the trolley  after that everybody went there classes to eat the food because it was raining and we didn't want the food to get wet and we didn't want to get wet so everybody went into their classes and waited for the food to arrive once the food arrived the grandparents got there food first then the children got their food then everybody started eating there food.Everybody got a quarter of pumpkin,a quarter of potato,a quarter of kumara,some stuffing,some chicken or chop (whichever one you chose) The stuffing was really yum,the pumpkin was alright,the kumara was good,the potato was yum,I chose chicken and it was really yum.

Hangi is a New Zealand Maori type of cooking food using really hot rocks in a pit oven used on special occasions.  

Self Reflection

WALT self-reflect on our year’s learning to share with our whanau in our reports.

Success Criteria:

  1. Choose two challenging learning experiences from this year to reflect on.
  2. What did you find challenging about each of these learning experiences.
  3. How did you manage to cope with each of the challenges?
  4. What difference has this made to you as a person and a learner?

Teacher Example:
Self reflection of my year as a learner:
Two challenging learning experiences for me this year were about taking a class to Camp Kaitawa for the first time and teaching through a rich task for maths.   Firstly, what I found challenging about Camp Kaitawa was that this was a new area and I wasn’t at all familiar with the Urewera National Park.  I had to think about all the little safety details when taking 26 children away on long walks, in the dark, up hills, in caves, down the side of banks, on and in the water.  I managed to cope with this challenge mainly because I became a learner by actively learning, listening, observing, asking questions, discussing ideas and taking a risk with some of my ideas.  I am now more confident at taking risks when facing new challenges.  Secondly, I found teaching maths through a rich task very challenging because I’d never taught maths like this before.  However, I coped with this by being willing to take on board an idea from Mr Kenny.  This really helped me to understand what I was doing so that I could help my class learn about how we could use statistics in real life situations.  I now see the value of listening and learning from others to grow my learning.

My two challenging experiences were Optimist Yachting and Writing.

Firstly I found Optimist yachting challenging for me because I had never gone Optimist yachting so I didn't know what to do and the paddle was really heavy so my hands were tired. I managed to cope with it by asking my buddy what to do and I took breaks every 20 seconds.
The difference it made to me was that now I am confident unuf to face new challenging experiences in my life.

Secondly I found writing challenging because when I wrote my persuasive writing I didn’t have any Ideas to write about. I managed to cope with it by thinking of what I like and what I don’t like. I liked dogs and didn’t like cats so my topic for my persuasive writing was Dogs Are Better than cats.

The difference that it made to me was that now I can think of ideas faster.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My calendar art

This is my tiger calendar art I like tigers so I drew a tiger.
My Character Description- Term 4
                       My Grandad Pal Singh Is Very Special To Me

He has a short white beard he is a normal size (medium) grandad he has brown skin and has normal fuzzy hair. Pal Singh has brown eyes,a moussatche and a normal (medium) nose.

PAL Singh likes gardening ,loves checking the plants if they are good and not dead ,likes biking to my house ,plays kicks with me with my soccer ball ,he likes watching t.v and likes reading the newspaper.

Pal Singh is a kind ,helpful ,generous and annoying because he talks when I am talking but he always listens to me and gives me the things that I want.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

enviroschool word cloud

I focus on my Writing
I'm an expert in maths 
some people live close to a gully
Some people are very scruffy
some people are in the hastings community 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Room 11 artists

persuasive writing

The Learning Intention: I am learning to write Persuasively
The Success Criteria:How I can achieve this
  1. State your opinion in the Introduction  and who is your audience
  2. Give 3 detailed reasons to support your opinion. One reason per paragraph
  3. Try to give facts or statistics to support your reasons.
  4. Use emotive and persuasive language.
  5. Go the progression on the writing wall to check where you are at with writing persuasively.
  6. Assess what you are doing well. Reflect and action what your next step is.

                           A supermarket being built near Parkvale School

I think that we should absolutely say yes to a supermarket being built close to Parkvale school and the Council should as well. People have really wanted to build a supermarket because it is close to there house and to school.

Firstly your mum and dad won’t have to travel that far which will make the car that your dad uses use less fuel. So your dad won’t have to pay that much  money for fuel.

Secondly you can bring money to school and at lunch time go to the supermarket and buy lots of things to eat. then you won’t have eat all your lunch at lunch time.  

Thirdly if you have a supermarket close to a school if there is any sale a the supermarket and there is super cheap prices then you can get there really quickly so you don't miss out on the sale.

In my opinion I think it is fair that we have a supermarket be built close to Parkvale school but there are things that are bad about having a supermarket being built next to Parkvale school. Would you want to have a supermarket being built close to Parkvale school?

Monday, August 3, 2015

My word cloud

I live inland from the coast.
I went to the council to make a complaint.
The compactor crushes cars into triangular box.
Our environment is special to everyone.
I'm in the community

Friday, June 26, 2015

Kite making

Tuku Tuku
Thing you need                              
Displaying IMG_0493.JPGFlax
Toe Toe

1.Rip string from flax by using your nail and rip the side of it because you need lots.

2.Take the Toe Toe and put in a A shape. First a triangle then a piece of flax on top…..

3.Then tie it altogether with flax string. Then put Rakoe on top.

4.Tie the Rakoe from the 2 sides and the middle

5.Done! You have your own TukuTuku maori kite you can use it for decorations or anything else.


Name Pussy paw                               Personality i'm a silly  and fast cat and a good friend for everyone
Age     8 months                                
Good habit I always drink my milk.
Address cat world catty road              
Bad habit I dont always eat my food.                                                          
Family  I am the second oldest cat in my family and kindest in my family

Once I was so angry I was not listening to my master and never ate food and kept scratching my master on the legs and he got lots of scratches on his legs. So he had to go to the hospital and they had to pay lots of money to get fixed and repair all body parts.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Kite-making instructions

On Monday it was Matariki workshops I did kite-making. First we had to rip up strings from flax. Then we had to tie knots using string and tieing sticks with fluff on the top we got so much fluff on our sweat shirts. We had to put the sticks how they said. Then tie them up using string from flax. Then put stuff on to cover the top holes of the kite at the end we tied 100 knots in total. We got tought a different way to tie knots. Then you can ether tie string on it and fly it or you can leave it in your house for decorations.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Wrybills need to survive!
 Please help!

Please take care of Wrybills because they are a very famous bird to New Zealand because they are the only birds with a bent beak.

1.Wrybills are the the only birds that have a bent beak.
2. Wrybills eggs look like grey stones.

3.Wrybills nest in stony river bends.
          so dont step on them!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Landing in Gallipoli- A Moment in Time

Whoosh whoosh, the water was hitting the sides of the boat. It was April 25 1915 the boats were going to war. The Anzacs wanted to land on the Gallipoli Peninsula and friend up with Britain to capture Constantinople but first we had to fight the Turks.

We were in boats. There were 200 other ships. We were all joking, talking and confident. After awhile we had to climb down rope ladders into row boats. The rope ladders were wobbly and rough.

In the rowboats I was squished and crowded. As we got nearer to shore I could hear really loud gun shots being fired. Then we had to jump into the

freezing water. It went up to our chests and our backpacks were really heavy so we nearly sunk. Then we had to throw our backpacks into our row boats.
As we jumped onto shore there was a hail of bullets raining on us. Then I heard screams from my team mates. I saw people dying and screaming for help.

I wondered,’Would we win?’           

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


If you ever get lost don’t panic.
Just stay calm.
Stop and listen.
If you dont hear anything yell for help.
If you dont know where your group stay where you went are.
If nobody finds you over night make a shelter out of branches.keeping safe in the bush   Google Search.png