Monday, March 20, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

My Special Place

My Special Place
Main Ideas
“Beep Beep”.My Special Place is Extremely and Horribly noisy like a baby crying.It is so blasting that I nearly started crying because it was so deafening.I had to listen to constant beeping for almost 4 hours.The reason that people beep so much is that there is no law for using your car horn,so you can use your horn whenever and as loud as you want.

Another thing that I like about this place is that they have the most delicious and scrumptious food,but there is no food better than BUTTER CHICKEN.It just has the appetising chicken taste with the curry on top,that is what gives it its taste.It is as yummy as a scrumptious pizza but better.This place is known for there yummy ‍‍foods.

This place is also special because a lot of my family lives there.My Grandpa,Aunty and Uncle all live there.The reason that a lot of my family live there is because my mum and dad were born here so my family mostly live there.I might go to this place in 2018 to meet my family once again .

I also have a house,when you go down the road turn left is our house. It is in the middle of a huge farm which was as huge as a rugby field.It has 2 toilets one indoors and one outdoors,we have one shower and stairs to the roof.When you went outside to the right was our uncle and aunt's house they had a much better house.It had a tiled inside and also stairs to the roof.