Monday, March 7, 2016

My thank letter

Dear Karen

Thank you for coming to Camp Omatua and helping us get things ready and bringing me to camp because I was doing day trips. Here are some of my highlights.

Learning more about Camp Omatua and exploring all the cool places at Camp Omatua. My other highlights were making new friends and playing Army Tag in the bamboo forest and other places. I also liked when we did our camp activities such as lost in the bush.You had to grab a bag that had a cellphone in it,but you could only use 2 really big sticks,tape and scissors.(It wasn't a real working phone) but it was really easy.
            Here’s my Acrostic poem for you.
Thanks for helping
Have a great day
A helper is needed such as you
Never bad
Kindness is in you
Super awesome

Kind and caring
Amazing and cool
Really helpful
Exciting and funny
Nice and neat