Friday, February 17, 2017

Visual Art

About Me

                                             ABOUT ME

My best memory was when my cousin (Manwinder) came over,we started the day by playing a 2 player tycoon on Roblox.Roblox is a game where you are a blocky character and you can play games in the game.I chose to be the owner and he chose to be the worker,but we both still had to make money in the game.We would buy items to make more money. Then our devices ran out of battery so we had to play outside,but first we ate ice cream.It was the chocolate fudge sundae flavour, we all loved it.So we went outside and did the cross bar challenge,it is where you kick a soccer ball at the top of a soccer goal which is called the crossbar.Manwinder hit the crossbar first, then I Did and my brother hit it last.It was 6:40 by the time we finished the crossbar challenge,so he had to go home.

What makes me laugh is when I do the try not to laugh challenge,I always laugh because they are so funny.The try not to laugh challenge is where you watch a person or video and try not to laugh,you watch videos like public pranks,animal fails and people failing.You really need to do it.

My much loved hobby is collecting and trading Pokemon cards.Pokemon cards are types of cards that you can open packs and get or trade them.Pokemon are little creatures that are called Pokemon such as Mega Rayquaza EX,Seismitoad EX and Lugia.They are really fun to play with,so you should get them.

A fun fact about me is I have actually never touched snow because it has never snowed in Hastings,there is never snow.It is my dream to have a snowball fight.Snow is very cold type of sand that dropped down from the sky.

Friday, February 3, 2017

5 Things About Me

                                                                  5 Things About Me

I love Pokemon
Because I know so much about them,I also have Pokemon go.
I am 50 % Indian
Because my parents were born in India. 🇮🇳
I am 50% English
Because I was born in New Zealand.
I am a Young Leader
 I got chosen by some Teachers.
Because It is something I love to do when I am bored.