Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Once In A Lifetime

1.A Miracle
2.The Naga
3. The Final Boss
 Chapter 1
A Miracle

There were two brothers named Jake and Ian ,helping their dad fix a BMW.They were extremely wealthy and lived in a mansion at the end of Howard Street.They were inside on an extremely stormy night,when suddenly they heard a tree fall down, Smash! The ground shook as the wind blew across the city.
 As soon as the storm,stopped they dashed to the tree to see what happened.Once they arrived they saw the tree was gone and only the trunk was left.When Jake and Ian started walking back home, suddenly they heard a crackle in a forest so they returned to the forest and then- a spark of purple light,they went to see what it was.

“Hello Jake and Ian,I am a trunk and you two are very lucky” said the creature  .The weird monster was actually a nice one that had the power to heal anything. “Should we Bring the healer back home” asked Jake .“ No, we should keep it to ourselves and do something fun with the healer” said Ian.”Follow me to the underworld. Oh and by the way my name is Magic, Ok now let's go”said the healer.
It lead them to a place Jake and Ian had never seen before, it had a grassy pathway leading up to a demonic ritual portal.It opened up as soon as the healer whispered the secret password, all Jake and Ian heard was Mumbling things,it sounded like “A portal to there no one knows.Then suddenly the portal opened,it leaded to….The Twilight Forest.

When they arrived,Magic spoke “Here, you must defeat The Naga once you have defeated the boss you will get a boss head.Upon getting the head of the boss, you shall receive a reward that will help you get back to the overworld”. Ian and Jake looked so confused that they couldn't get out unless the defeated a huge beast that was nearly impossible to beat.
“ Your first boss is the naga,meet me at the armoury down the path way so you can get your armor and weapons”Said Magic and in an instant he disappeared,whoooosh!So they started running down the path way soon they arrived at the armoury,Magic gave them some knight gear and a map around the Twilight Forest.

                                                         Chapter 2 
                                       The Naga
“We have to find a stone brick that looks like a huge snake because that's the Naga. Once you get close or to loud it will break apart and attack you so watch out” whispered Magic “lets go”. Ian and Jake sprinted to the Naga to attack it.Crack Crack!! The Naga broke out of the stone and slithered to the boys. “ Oh I almost forgot, attack its tail and it will get shorter” Magic quickly said.Jake started to attack the tail and so he did but he almost got gobbled up by the Naga. Ian helped Jake get up and start attacking it more. Soon the tail got shorter and then only the head was left. Jake did the honours,he stabbed the Naga and he disintegrated.

The Naga dropped a key I had the word Naga carved on it then they asked magic what to do next she said that they had to go back to the place where we entered this world.The brothers dashed to the place. When they got there, the portal was there with a lock on it. They opened the lock and jumped through the portal after they said “goodbye Magic”.They were relieved to see there house and  gthere mum was crying when she saw them.She told them that it was midnight so they should go to sleep and they did.

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