Monday, May 29, 2017

Thank You Letter

Room 6
Parkvale School
Howard street
Hastings 4122

Dear Mr Ford

Thank you for coming to camp because if you didn't we would not of been able to have camp and learn so much about the outside nature and environment. Thank you for telling us what to wear and bring to the activities so we wouldn't get hyperthermia.

A highlight at camp,was going caving. I liked it because it was a first experience. I had never done caving before and it was the challenging.The last cave was the most fun because it had wetas and bat poo so it was really yucky. We had to shimmy across the bat poo.Once you shimmied across you had to climb up a ladder to freedom. It was nice to get out of that stinky place.

My second highlight I will always remember was the Amazing Race. It had many fun activities but my top 2 were the wet and dry challenge and the wire bridge. Firstly, the wet and dry challenge was we  had to choose between wet and dry.I chose wet and we had to eat wet noodles in water with a fork. After a few seconds Cruze wanted to chuck the noodles so we had to cheer him on.

Secondly, the wire bridge in which we had to walk on a tight rope holding on to wires on both sides of us was scary.There was no ground to the left of me,so if I felt doomed. I managed to pass over but I nearly fell off.

A fact I found interesting about Camp Kaitawa is that it used to be a school but it closed down because it didn't have enough students.Since it is now a camp it has a lot of visitors and school going there for camps.There are so many tracks and places to visit there.

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