Friday, June 26, 2015

Kite making

Tuku Tuku
Thing you need                              
Displaying IMG_0493.JPGFlax
Toe Toe

1.Rip string from flax by using your nail and rip the side of it because you need lots.

2.Take the Toe Toe and put in a A shape. First a triangle then a piece of flax on top…..

3.Then tie it altogether with flax string. Then put Rakoe on top.

4.Tie the Rakoe from the 2 sides and the middle

5.Done! You have your own TukuTuku maori kite you can use it for decorations or anything else.


Name Pussy paw                               Personality i'm a silly  and fast cat and a good friend for everyone
Age     8 months                                
Good habit I always drink my milk.
Address cat world catty road              
Bad habit I dont always eat my food.                                                          
Family  I am the second oldest cat in my family and kindest in my family

Once I was so angry I was not listening to my master and never ate food and kept scratching my master on the legs and he got lots of scratches on his legs. So he had to go to the hospital and they had to pay lots of money to get fixed and repair all body parts.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Kite-making instructions

On Monday it was Matariki workshops I did kite-making. First we had to rip up strings from flax. Then we had to tie knots using string and tieing sticks with fluff on the top we got so much fluff on our sweat shirts. We had to put the sticks how they said. Then tie them up using string from flax. Then put stuff on to cover the top holes of the kite at the end we tied 100 knots in total. We got tought a different way to tie knots. Then you can ether tie string on it and fly it or you can leave it in your house for decorations.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Wrybills need to survive!
 Please help!

Please take care of Wrybills because they are a very famous bird to New Zealand because they are the only birds with a bent beak.

1.Wrybills are the the only birds that have a bent beak.
2. Wrybills eggs look like grey stones.

3.Wrybills nest in stony river bends.
          so dont step on them!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Landing in Gallipoli- A Moment in Time

Whoosh whoosh, the water was hitting the sides of the boat. It was April 25 1915 the boats were going to war. The Anzacs wanted to land on the Gallipoli Peninsula and friend up with Britain to capture Constantinople but first we had to fight the Turks.

We were in boats. There were 200 other ships. We were all joking, talking and confident. After awhile we had to climb down rope ladders into row boats. The rope ladders were wobbly and rough.

In the rowboats I was squished and crowded. As we got nearer to shore I could hear really loud gun shots being fired. Then we had to jump into the

freezing water. It went up to our chests and our backpacks were really heavy so we nearly sunk. Then we had to throw our backpacks into our row boats.
As we jumped onto shore there was a hail of bullets raining on us. Then I heard screams from my team mates. I saw people dying and screaming for help.

I wondered,’Would we win?’